About us !

We have always been passionate about diving and travel, and we have packed our bags in Tenerife to share our passions with you.


I am 36 years old and I grew up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. From a very young age, I liked Latin American countries very much, the mentality, the joie de vivre, the music, the relaxed culture, the sun and the sea. While travelling quite a bit, I found in Tenerife the right compromise between my native country and everything I liked in the Latin countries.

Since I started diving in 2014 with the idea of flying into the sun forever, I finally landed in Tenerife to stay and do what I love most.

Passionate about nature, diving, travel and customer relations, I immediately managed to imagine continuing the WhatNext adventure.


I grew up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where I had been looking for my vocation since I was a child. First sport, Football, Handball, Basketball, then Tennis to finish in a ring to do English and Thai boxing but all that was good but not real passions.

It was in 2006 that I came across Fabienne, who for whom travel is an obligation. Fortunately, she managed to transmit to me the desire to discover new horizons: Egypt, Oman, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Curacao, Cuba, Maldives,… and it is more particularly in Cape Verde that we made our first bubbles together during a PADI Discover Scuba Diving. For me, I fell in love with this water sport. The director of the centre explains to me that he manages centres 6-12 months a year and changes destination. I thought to myself, “The guy understood everything,” so it was at 28 that I discovered the true meaning of the word “passion”. I pass my certificates up to the instructor stage. And BOOM, I see that teaching and sharing my passion for the seabed is my true passion.

I finally have a clear and precise goal, to make diving, the sea, the mountains and the sun my daily life and here we are a few years later to take over the reins of WhatNext Adventures Tenerife.


WhatNext?  And then what? (in French) is a heart-business. Created in 2016 by two passionate divers who wanted to satisfy everyone. Both the diver and the non-diver. This is how the guideline was put in place. A dream seller in the true sense of the word. Tailor-made tour operator:
Make you discover the island’s activities and “good tips” that holidaymakers love (we too!)

Since then, the WhatNext Adventures Tenerife team has been working to get to know both the cave where the diodon is hidden and the restaurant lost in the mountains where the best goat stew on the island is eaten.

Tenerife offers such a diversity of activities that everyone can find what they are looking for. Relax, we’ll take care of everything!

A desire, a challenge? Test us out! Quotations are free of charge.