Passionate of diving and travels, we have put down our bags in Tenerife to make you share our passions.


Daughter of  a flight attendant, travel is an integral part of my life. I took every opportunity to fly to destinations that often had a common point, the proximity to the ocean.

After spending a few years specializing in recruitment, my 5 weeks vacation were no longer enough to satisfy my desires of elsewhere. So I started looking for a solution.

With my head on my shoulders, I could not clap everything without a reconversion plan …

What do I like ? The sea, sport, travel, people, the sun … Hum-hum … What can I do? Advice to individuals and companies, communicate, welcome, guide, dive … What do I want? The freedom to choose a different life, more human, close to people, to transmit, to share, to be able to work anywhere in the world and to run my own business.

Between the baby swimmer and the diving instructor, there have been 14 years of gymnastics, 7 years of synchronized swimming, the psychology university, the years of “young dynamic setting”, many trips with the head under water, Diving levels and an unchanging fascination for the ocean.

So in 2014 I bid farewell to Paris to get my life back in 3 suitcases and start my professional levels as a diving instructor!

It is also in 2014, that a computer scientist with sparkling eye and the shirts of colors improbable crossed my way to take the same direction … Tenerife.


First expatriation at 4 years, when my parents go to work abroad. The tone is given, my life takes a direction, that of discovery. Discovering people, places, activities, everything is good to take.

A career in the development of Internet web sites allows me to combine passion for computer science and financing my desires of elsewhere. I touch everything: Skiing, paragliding, sailing, fencing, motorcycle. I travel as soon as the opportunity presents itself: United States, Mongolia, Morocco, Argentina, Fiji.

On a trip to Malta, I discover diving. Quickly at ease in this new element, I gently continue my training on my return to France without suspecting anything. But the seed is planted. In 2014, I am tapped by this desire for change. I need a new challenge, I have nothing more to prove myself in computer science. What I want is to be in touch with people who are happy to be there, to share my knowledge and to share with them strong moments. I want to go back to diving. In addition, I met an electric battery named Cléo that has exactly the same desire. It’s time to become an instructor and take a fresh start.


WhatNext? Is probably the most asked question in the last 3 years! Our list of challenges grows as we speak. We agree on the guideline: the desire to discover and share.

It is in this dynamic that we settled in Tenerife after leaving Paris. The instructor degree in our pocket we worked there the summer of 2015. The winter 2016, we moved to the warm waters of Thailand. We quickly realized that doing flea breaks every 6 months would not be enough to flourish. We therefore decided to return to Tenerife and settle there permanently with the idea of ​​opening a structure offering tailor-made holidays to divers and their families.

Our dive network was already in place, we knew the local players, we had now to discover the other activities of the island and the precious “good plans” that vacationers love (we too!) Since then, we strive to know as well the cave where the pufferfish is hiding as the restaurant lost in the mountain where we eat the best stew of goat of the island.

Tenerife offers such a variety of activities that everyone finds its happiness there. Relax, we take care of everything!

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